How It Works

Your poker league, your way

Game structure

Each year is split into 4 seasons. Each season consists of 13 weekly games.
The league runs continuously throughout the year with new venues been able to join at any time during each season.

A venue never competes directly with any other venues, as your league is just for you and your customers.


Our vibrant, casino-grade ceramic poker chips instantly raise the benchmark and will set your venue apart from any other poker leagues. Designed an manufactured in the UK our fully loaded high-impact cases provide the WOW-factor.


Engage with your customers with our range of belly posters, beer mats which mimic your vibrant poker chips, and our eye catching bar runners which stand out above the rest, inviting your customers to engage in conversation.

Target & Reward

Your venue will have its very own online profile along with direct marketing options which will allow you to directly advertise food & drink promotions through the placement of eye catching online banners.