Great For Venues

A fun and engaging poker league

Customer interaction

Our fun and engaging poker league will encourage customer interaction not only on game nights but throughout the week inbetween games, and in return will help drive customer loyalty and increased footfall.

Increase footfall

Adding a modern incentive driven weekly poker league can help boost a typically quiet evening by increasing wet sales whilst also offering cross promotions of special offers throughout the week.

Budget friendly

Test the water with our 'Free to Play' option or choose from one of our great subscriptions. Our flexible packages always ensure that you only every subscribe to a service which best suits your needs.

Direct marketing

Create your very own adverts to promote your food & drink deals direct to all of your players through your dedicated online venue profile.

Weekly Management

Simplicity & ease of use is key to making the management of your weekly poker league a pleasure to use and maintain.

We have created some amazing tools to help you empower players to quickly maintain your league so you can get back to running your business

Player management

Simple yet powerful, our online player management makes adding new players or empowering your existing players to become game directors as simple as just 1-click.

Weekly results

Adding weekly results has never been so quick and easy thanks to our intuitive design and dynamic forms.

SMS notifications

Take the guess work out of how many players to expect each week with our amazing 2-way SMS features and game night reminders, through your online SMS generator.