Pokerdog Venues

Play poker in your local pub or club

Where to play?

We have great plans for the Pokerdog league with a national rollout throughout 2017 through to 2018. Everything must start somewhere and we have decided to focus our initial launch area within the Midlands and radiate out from there over the course of the year.


We are adding new venues all of the time so don’t worry if you cannot find any near you just yet. Why not recommend your local?
Did you know that if you're already in a pub poker league you can sign up for free and run ours along side?


The majority of our venues will use our branded Pokerdog casino grade poker chips and equipment, but we do also offer packages where a venue could use their own, so don’t worry it will still be the same fantastic league experience and prizes, just different equipment.

2 for 1

The Pokerdog league is built so that it can be run free of charge, alongside many other popular pub poker leagues. This enables you to see how we compare and also provides venues a way of adding a second opportunity for sending their players to live regional events. One Poker night, two leagues