About Pokerdog

Where did it all start?

Est. 2010

Pokerdog was founded back in early 2010 when we launched our online poker store and quickly became one of the UK's leading providers of high quality casino grade poker chips, cards and equipment.

We pride ourselves on our quality and attention to detail, along with supporting UK manufacturing for much of our equipment, and believe that we will lead the way with the best products & best value pub poker league the UK has ever seen.

We are proud of our heritage and have come a long way since our humble beginnings back in 2010.


Our brand is at the heart of our business. Our brand is unique - it's an innovative British, premium, lifestyle brand with far-reaching appeal.


A brand your can trust. Here at Pokerdog we always deal in an honest, direct and transparent way.


This is something that's a real source of pride for us, and we will build upon all of our services season after season.